Establish local rail needs

The University of the Highlands and Islands’ Centre for Recreation and Tourism research was commissioned by the WHCRP to conduct an extensive public survey designed to:

  • identify the local population’s need for train services with respect to timings, capacity and station access,
  • identify what are perceived to be the greatest obstacles to using the train in the sections of the population that never go by rail,
  • identify potential community projects for the WHCRP.

Carried out in the period March – November 2016,  the research exercise aimed to survey, predominantly, locals and tourists who don’t currently use the regional rail services and to determine a more complete picture of the barriers to use. Funding for the exercise was provided by ScotRail, with additional in-kind contributions from members of the WHCRP project team. The final survey report is available below:

WHCRP Survey Report 2017

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